Radio Lane

Jason Z. Schroeder has been building custom guitars to client specs since 2005. While he still takes occasional custom orders, he feels passionate about two models in particular that he wants to share with the world. The Chopper TL and the Radio Lane represent archetype tones of Jason's favorite classic guitars.  You have picked them up, those very special "1 in 100" guitars that feel perfect in your hands and sound just like our favorite recordings.  Jason is not trying to reinvent tone. Rather he is trying to perfect how to obtain archetype tone without the selection anxiety. It starts with great design, then great wood, great components, and of course the highest quality construction. 

Chopper TL
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Jason Z. Schroeder Guitars 

Chopper TL"The Schroeder [TL] will drive a small tube amp deliciously... conjuring tones that are at once rich, airy, and replete with harmonic overtones."

-Premier Guitar June 2012.


Radio Lane"Strong fundamental tones, with plenty of cut and vibrancy.  An over-the-top beauty [that] is a great-playing instrument."

-Vintage Guitar Magazine, March 2014

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Schroeder Guitar Hardware

Jason started designing parts for his own guitars in about 2008.  Schroeder Guitar Hardware now offers a suite of high quality "MILLED IN CALIFORNIA" components for electric guitars.  The Hardware Division of Schroeder Guitars is run by Elizabeth Schroeder.  Whether you are a DIY builder or just need to get your guitar in tune, check out the solutions we have available for you.

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